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The Riiviva Microderm allows you to carry out salon quality microdermabrasion in the comfort of your own home. The Riiviva microderm uses microdermabrasion to exfoliate the dead skin cells on the stratum corneum. These dead skin cells are then sucked away by a tiny vaccum leaving smoother, glowing new skin cells underneath. The device has diamond tips which gently shift the dead skin cells and there are different levels of exfoliation with the different tips available. You can purchase tips for the face and larger tips for the body. Before using the device, thoroughly cleanse your skin, ideally using the cleanser that comes with your device as this ensures all make up, oil and dirt are removed from your skin, leaving a clean surface for the Riiviva Microderm to move over. You can then switch the device on and choose your level of exfoliation. The device has 3 levels and we recommend you use level one for the first few uses, whilst you become accustomed to using the device. Then, hold the skin taut with your other hand and move the diamond tip across the surface of the skin. You don't need to press hard but do be sure to keep the whole of the diamond tip in contact with the skin to ensure even coverage. We recommend you move over each treatment area twice, ideally moving first across the skin horizontally, the downwards vertically over the same area. This ensures every area is covererd and that your skin gets a lovely even tone. Once you have completed the treatment, use the tweezers provided to unlock the bottom of the device and remove the small filter from the bottom of the device (this catches the dead skin cells). Replace with a new one and you will be ready to do your next treatment in a weeks time. You can then use the vitamin C filled serum provided with the device. Click here to purchase your Riiviva Microderm from the sole supplier in the UK, CURRENTBODY: